Do you enjoy watching fur tumbleweeds blowing through your home? Do you like a carpet of dog fur on top of your carpet? Do you think it's stylish to have a layer of dog fur covering your clothes, bedding and car interior? Do you consider dog fur in your food just another spice? Do you enjoy routinely combing and brushing your dog? Do you enjoy a backyard that has more craters than the surface of the moon? Do you have neighbors that enjoy the 'call of the wild' - literally?

If you answered "yes" to ALL of the questions above you *might* be a good candidate to own a Samoyed!

If you're interested in owning an Uakea Samoyed, I strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with Puppy Culture and invest in the dvd set. After raising our March 2016 litter using the Puppy Culture program we are sold on it and would like new owners to understand and continue the program.

Frankly, I recommend investing in the Puppy Culture dvd set if you own a dog or plan to in the future as the lessons can be used with dogs of any age and contain valuable information and insight into a puppy's development as well as socialization, training and communication. And many other Samoyed breeders are also using the Puppy Culture program, too.

If you click on the link above, it'll take you to a Puppy Culture page for puppy owners. Be sure to click on their Puppy Culture Playlist for more in-depth information that will also help you to understand what we, as breeders, are hoping to accomplish by using this program to raise our puppies.