12/15/22: We do not have plans for another litter at this time. Please visit the Samoyed Club of America for information about the breed and a breeder listing.

We're located in central Texas and have owned and loved Samoyeds since January 1993. We're members of the Samoyed Club of America, Inc. (SCA) and Samoyed Club of Austin (SCAustin) and enjoy participating in conformation competitions at AKC sanctioned events on a limited basis. Prior to our March 22, 2016 litter, it had been nearly 14 years since our last. During the intervening years we remained active in the breed by welcoming into our home foster dogs and dogs from breeders in Texas and Illinois.

Our litters since 2016 were raised using Puppy Culture by Jane Killion. Working fulltime and living in a remote location placed some restrictions on how closely we followed the program but we did what we could and it is amazing the difference even the basics have made in how quickly the puppies settled into their new homes. It was heartwarming to receive photos of puppies at their first vet visit, comfortable on the raised metal tables sometimes snoozing while they waited for the exam to begin. While it's geared to breeders, I highly recommend Puppy Culture for all dog owners as the information will help new owners understand and continue reinforcing the behaviors when they take their new puppies and adults home. It's been proven that young adults and older dogs take longer to learn the same behaviors but it is well worth the effort.