170 Samoyeds & 3 Cats Confiscated from White Fire Samoyeds in Iowa on 11/12/18

You may have heard about the recent raid on the White Fire kennel in Iowa, owned and run by Barb Kavars of Manly. What you may not have heard is that since February 2018 Barb Kavars has been dumping Samoyeds at the local shelter. Prior to the 170 Samoyeds seized on November 12, a total of 123 Samoyeds have been vetted, rehabilitated and rehomed by 7 Samoyed rescue groups (83 Samoyeds) and the *Humane Society of North Iowa helped another 40 dogs. [*Absolutely no tie to the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) that receives millions of dollars each year in donations but doesn't save dogs.]

The ASPCA was called in to assist in September 2018 and going forward, they are partnered with 4 of the initial 7 Samoyed rescue groups. They are in dire need of monetary donations and, once the dogs are released to them they will need foster homes. These dogs will need love, patience and training before they are ready to be adopted since they have received zero human socialization.

San Francisco Samoyed Rescue - regular updates on the White Fire Samoyeds

Samoyed Rescue of Texas

Samoyed Rescue of Utah

Samoyed Rescue of Southern California

Other rescues involved in the initial wave but are taxed to the limit at this time so they aren't able to commit to taking more dogs at this time:

Denver Samoyed Rescue

Northwest Samoyed Rescue

North Texas Samoyed Rescue